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Tips for the Snack attack
   Late night munchies can definitely sabotage your diet. Who doesn’t
  like winding down from a busy hectic day watching their favorite TV
  Show. I know I do and I am hooked on certain shows that cannot be
  missed. And once your relaxed you feel hungry and all the food
  commercials don’t help.

  What can you eat and not ruin your efforts for the entire day?

  My rule of thumb is to keep the snacking to less than 150 calories.
  See below for GoGirl’s hit list of snacks.


   quaker oats products

     • Come in a variety of flavors and for 90 calories
        or less.
     • For a free sample click here

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fiber One Ceral       FIBER ONE CEREAL
     • ½ Cup is only 60 calories and has 14 grams fiber
       which is considered a free food
• Please contact GoGirl for a free sample




       • Zero calories
       • For a free sample click here




Apples       APPLE SLICES
       • Sprinkled with cinnamon
       • 70 calories
       • 3 grams fiber





Sugar Free Jello         SUGAR FREE JELLO
       • Only 10 calories
       • Check out the website for fun recipes
click here





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